Voice Lessons Mayday Club Youth Choir

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Mayday Club is providing free online voice coaching for all members. This is so that members can receive one-on-one coaching to improve their vocal abilities, work on solos, gain confidence, receive mentorship, explore new genres of singing, improve overall choir sound, etc. Voice coaching is not mandatory for members, but it is highly recommended and we request that you do them.
Voice lessons are 30 minutes long and consist of:
  • vocal warm ups and exercises
  • practicing choir songs (Nicole (choir director) will assign songs to practice each week).
  • practicing solos in choir songs
  • practicing songs of your choice for fun and new tips
  • choosing a song for Christmas and Year End recitals and practicing for it.
  • chatting with voice coach about music, post-secondary music options, choir, your interests, anything!

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Book One-Time or Multiple Meetings

Please sign up for either weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly lessons.

Sessions will focus on your solos, songs Nicole assigns the choir to practice in voice lessons that week, your song for the recital, and a fun song of your choice. 

**Please book multiple time slots at once, so that you have your spot reserved in advance for multiple weeks / months at a time. 

Tentative dates for Christmas and Year End voice recitals: Sunday December 4th and Sunday June 4th.

Voice lesson students will have a recital in December and in June to showcase the songs that they have been working on with their coach during the year. All will be welcome to attend and watch!

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Voice Coach Kristin Loewen

Kristin is primarily available on Thursday and Friday afternoons and evenings, and Saturday mornings.

Voice Coach Adi Reitsma

Adi is available Monday, Wednesday, and Friday evenings. She has limited availability and is able to take 5 regular students.

We understand that our voice coaches schedules may not match yours – if this is the case, please contact a Mayday Club administrator and let us know. We also understand that online coaching doesn’t work for everyone. If this is the case for you, again, please let us know (nicely) and we will help you sort something out 😀

About The Coaches

Kristin Loewen

She / Her
voice coaching for mayday club youth choir

Hey!!! I’m Kristin Loewen, I’m so excited to be returning as a vocal coach for Mayday choir!!! For those who don’t know me yet, I’m 20 years old and I’ve been working for Mayday for around a year now! 

I’ve been obsessed with everything music related since I was really young and other than singing, I have been playing piano for most of my life! I love musical theatre and performing, crafts, and playing with my dog, Remi 🙂

Adi Reitsma

They / Them
voice coaching for mayday club youth choir
Adi is a disabled, Autistic/ADHD musician and performer as well as a Mayday choir member! They have trained in musical theatre and vocals for over 12 years. They like ice cream, blankets, music, drawing, and TV shows. 
They are so excited to work with everyone to grow their musical abilities this year! If you want a time that isn’t listed as available, please email adireitsma.mayday@gmail.com to ask about it as they are happy to make an accommodation if able. 
The purpose of this program is to help members gain more musical instruction from the choir than they receive during group practices. We want members to become fully immersed in choir and music, and voice coaching will help add an extra element of intensity and instruction. This will help members feel more confident and accomplished during performances, and will assist in improving the overall sound and quality of the choir’s music.

If you did lessons with one of the coaches last year and want to stick with them, please go ahead and book some time slots with them. 

I recommend booking multiple sessions at once, so you have your weekly (bi-weekly) (monthly) time slot reserved.

I recommend sticking with one coach, unless you want to switch for any reason.