Apply to Join the Choir

Welcome Prospective Choir Members

Are you ready to become immersed in the world of performing, music, travel, close-knit team ‘love’, and togetherness? <3 

We would love to have you as part of our team! Please read details below regarding commitment, location, and cost before inquiring.

For more information about joining the choir, please email us at

Q: Who can apply to join? A: Literally ANYONE under the age of 30 with musical talent. 

Neurotypical, neurodivergent – people of all religions – LGBTQ2+ : everyone is welcome. We are a family <3

There are two practice locations for the choir – one on the East side of the Fraser in Abbotsford, and one on the West in New Westminster. Members can attend any practice location. 

Being a choir member requires a lot of commitment and time on the parts of the choir members. The choir experience is not just a once-per-week commitment, it is similar to a competitive sports team, in that members are expected to travel to performances and events during the week. 

Performances usually happen anywhere between Mission to Richmond to North Vancouver. Members are expected to do their best to attend all performances, wearing the proper attire. Performances can be as sparse as once per month during our ‘slow seasons’ and as many as twice per week during busier times. 

Although it is a big commitment, it is because of this that the program is so rewarding for members. They become immersed in the world of performing, music, travel, close-knit team ‘love’, and togetherness. <3 

We are a non-profit organization, and charge choir members a minimal fee of $30 per month, to cover facility rental and operations costs. There is also a yearly registration fee of $40. 

Anyone under the age of 30, who wishes to perform and practice with the team is welcome to apply. Members contribute deeply to the performances in their own unique ways, and do not need to be able to stand and sing with the choir – all they need to have is personality and drive. 

Practices are very relaxed, and we play games, eat snacks, and everyone enjoys the music and rehearses in a way that works for them.

Are you interested in singing in the choir, but live too far away to attend practices? We are now accepting applications to our new VIRTUAL CHOIR – where you can tune into practices via Google Hangouts, and then travel to performances with the group.

Virtual choir members pay the same monthly dues as regular choir members, and must meet the required number of practices and performances per month as regular choir members.