Mayday Club Youth Choir Practice Info

Practice Times / Locations

Sundays 3:30PM to 5:00PM PDT.

Abbotsford Flying Club House: 30540 Approach Drive, Abbotsford.

What Should I Wear to Practice?

Wear anything you feel comfortable in! There is no dress code. (Other than please wear clothes). It can get warm in the practice room though, even in winter, so keep that in mind.

What to Expect at Snack

Each person will bring snack once or twice throughout the year. You will receive an email with your tentative snack date, and you can either confirm the date or request a new one. You will receive an email reminder prior to your snack date.

We will go through our song list, and then at break time, Nicole will say it’s break time, and then you can go to the kitchen and get your snack! It will be something light and not too sugary. You can have your snack either in the clubhouse room (this is where most people usually go), in the practice room (some people stay back here, it’s usually a bit quieter), or outside if it’s nice weather. 

Please bring your own water bottle / drink because snack won’t usually include a drink. 

Parent Volunteers

Practice and Performance Schedule

Song List

Note: We usually do songs for one year – we spend about 3 months practicing a song, and then perform it about 3 months in, and then add it to our performance song list, where it stays for the full year. We don’t perform the same song at an event 2 years in a row. Once we have performed a song at all the places we typically perform, we usually retire it, and bring it back only if we are going to use it for a CD or recording or a big performance / audition etc.

(Also sorry if I am forgetting any hahahahahaha)

Songs We are Currently Performing:

*These are songs that the choir knows very well and have been performing at events for over 6 months. New members should practice these songs at home so that they are comfortable with them!

Songs We are Currently Practicing and Just Starting to Perform:

*We might do these songs at some upcoming performances, so you should get familiar with them!

Songs We are Currently Working On but Not Performing Yet:

*We have been practicing these songs but aren’t ready to perform them yet.

New Songs We Might Try (We will try them out with the choir to see if they’re a fit):

Christmas Songs:

*We usually start practicing Christmas Songs in October-ish so that we are ready to perform them in November (we usually get Christmas performances in November).