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Talent Show 2019

Trip the Light Fantastic:
Provincial Talent Show 2019

We hold an annual talent show, open to individuals of all ability levels, that is held during autism awareness month. The purpose is to offer young people the chance to perform for an audience, while offering the community a new perspective of ‘autism awareness’, by showcasing a rich and diverse roster of talent.



Calling all singers, dancers, jugglers, comedians, and talented people! Join Mayday Club for our 2nd annual neurodiverse Talent Show! The show is open to individuals of all ages who would like a chance to shine in the spotlight! The talent show will promote neurodiversities within our community – all funds raised will go towards the Mayday Club Youth Choir, and help us release our 2nd album! This talent show is open to everyone, with or without a diagnosis.


Ticket sales:

-Performers: FREE          -General : 10$             -Under 5yrs: FREE