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Welcome Prospective Choir Members

We accept members ages 5 to 30, of all ability levels – all they need is passion, personality, and commitment. Many of our members face significant behavioural and / or mental health challenges. We are willing to work with families to ensure their child’s success in our program. 

We have both Abbotsford and Richmond Locations for Practices

MaydayTM Club Youth Choir Intake Process

  1. The first step is to complete out online application form, which can be found above.
  2. The next step is to attend two practices, as part of an ‘audition’ period. 
  3. Following the two-practice audition period, members will be notified of their acceptance.

Be surrounded by Other Children, Youth, and Young Adults Facing Similar Challenges

Fostering Genuine Friendship Through Experience

Providing Opportunities and Life Experiences

Rock Out to Popular and Hip Hop Music with Non-Judgemental Peers

NOTE: For privacy reasons, we are unable to display practice times or locations publicly. Please email us to request this info!


This group has helped my teenage daughter gain confidence and make friends. She has always struggled in these areas, so this group is a true blessing to us.
Choir Parent
My child has severe social anxiety and PTSD, and has never been willing to take part in a group before. After just one practice, he had jumped in and was singing and smiling with the group. Tears of joy!
Choir Parent
This group has given me brothers and sisters. I am an only child, and I have always wanted brothers and sisters. The students at my school are not always very nice to me, so I love being part of this.
Choir Member