Welcome Prospective 2017/2018 Choir Members

We accept members ages 5 to 30, of all ability levels. Members do not need to be able to speak or walk to be part of the choir – all they need is passion, personality, and commitment. Many of our members face significant behavioural and / or mental health challenges. We are a group that does not discriminate, and we are willing to work with families to ensure their child’s success in our program. We allow members to contribute in any way they are able. Some members stand and sing, some are not able to memorize or sing song lyrics and enjoy dancing to the music. 

MaydayTM Club Youth Choir Intake Process

  1. The first step is to complete out online application form, which can be found below. (Select region that best suits you).
  2. The next step is to attend two practices, as part of an ‘audition’ period. The auditions consist of attending two choir practices, and are not nerve-wracking or intimidating in the regular audition sense. The prospective members are not judged on vocal ability or talent or even on behaviour, but are judged based on passion, personality, and compatibility with the current group.
  3. Following the two-practice audition period, members will be notified of their acceptance (most people get accepted). They will receive an acceptance package which will include an acceptance letter, a uniform, and a costume.

Proceed to Online Application Form – ABBOTSFORD Proceed to Online Application Form – RICHMOND

Fill out our online application form to schedule a try-out for the choir’s 2nd season.