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Welcome to our 2022 / 2023 Choir Season!


This year, we have a lot of performance requests already in, to make up for lost time over the past 2 years.

Please read through all the information below because it contains all the info you need to know for this season!

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Subscribe to our Google Calendar – Kristin will be updating this regularly with practice, performance, and event info.

Monthly Fees
$40 annual registration fee due Sept. $30 / month per family

This year, because we are returning to full-scale operation and have more expenses, we will be more diligent in collecting payments from members. We are not increasing the cost of the program this year, and are instead relying on donations, grants, and merchandise sales to help cover the operational costs of the program. 

Amounts due:

  • September $70 ($40 registration plus $30 choir fee)
  • October $30
  • November $30
  • December $30
  • January $30
  • February $30
  • March $30
  • April $30
  • May $30
  • June $30

Like usual, prospective members for whom cost is a barrier are welcome to attend free of charge. Please be respectful and only select this option if you are unable to pay.

Options for payment:

  • etransfer to
  • card at practice (tap via square reader)
  • cash at practice
  • AFB funding (talk to us about how to set this up)

Choir fee payments can be made monthly ($30/month) or annually ($300/year).

Designated Representatives

The Societies Act states that all members are entitled to have a representative act on their behalf at Mayday Club society meetings etc., if they choose to. 

Members under 19: Members who are minors will automatically have a guardian eligible to act as the representative.

Members over 19: Adult members are welcome to specify a representative here, if they choose to. Not specifying a representative here still allows the member to specify a representative at a later date.  Please provide the representatives name, phone number and email.
Parent Volunteer Positions Needed at Practices

For any parents that would like to help out at practices, here is what we need help with so far:

  • Checking people in (keeping attendance list)
  • Running online practice – muting and unmuting people, moderating the chat, hosting a game during break.
  • Putting out snack during snack time
  • Serving snack
  • Cleaning up after snack
Snack at Practices
  • Halfway through each practice, we take a break, which includes a light snack and some time to chill out in the games room, on the patio, in the practice room, etc.

I find that snack helps members feel less anxious, because eating with others is a bonding experience, if only in a small way. I have seen members go from being too anxious to stand with the group, to singing in the choir after having snack. I have no idea why psychologically this happens, (if you know why, tell me haha) but it works. It is also the time that members get to chat and get to know each other, and for some reason, its a little bit easier when you’re munching on something delicious. (Again, no idea why. Humans, am I right?!?)

We ask that each member signs up to bring snack at least twice during the year. Last year, because of covid, Mayday provided most of the snacks. This year, we are going to generate a list of members, and then email you the date that we have you down to bring snack. We will also email you a reminder and confirm with you the week prior so that we make sure you are ok with it! If you need to switch dates, please let us know asap.

We will send out the list the last week of August when we have everyone’s registrations in.

Snack requirements:

  • not too sugary
  • no peanuts

Some examples are chips with dip, or fruit, or popcorn, or cheese and crackers, etc. 

Team Contract and Attendance Policy

During the pandemic, we were super relaxed about enforcing attendance for obvious reasons xD

This year, as we move back into our usual operations, we are going to slowly start becoming more strict about attendance (while still following all provincial health guidelines). The choir is renown across BC for its great sound, exciting performances, and close-knit team members. In order to preserve this image now that we are going out to performances again, we have to do our best to attend all practices. We ask that you commit to attending 3 out of every 4 practices that are offered to you.

We will start taking attendance again at practices to help us enforce this. 

I am not saying all this to be a mean dictator lol – I am saying this because members have better practices when more people show up (I can sometimes hear choir peeps saying things like “wow, it sounds so good today because there are so many of us!”) The whole point of choral singing is having your voice get lost in the sea of other voices, and this is only possible when the whole choir shows up. It is respectful to the other singers (and to the leaders, oooooh gosh do I ever love it when I have a massive choir) to attend all rehearsals.

*Surrey folks are exempt from this policy until we have enough members to start up Surrey practices again.

That being said, if you are sick, even if it’s not Covid, we ask that you stay home to get better and avoid spreading viruses at choir (cuz we now know that singing is a high transmission activity, woohooooo).

If you need to miss a practice, please email me in advance at or text me at 604-807-1018.

Voice Coaching
Mayday Club is providing free online voice coaching for all members. This is so that members can receive one-on-one coaching to improve their vocal abilities, work on solos, gain confidence, receive mentorship, explore new genres of singing, etc. 
The purpose of this program is to help members gain more musical instruction from the choir than they receive during group practices. We want members to become fully immersed in choir and music, and voice coaching will help add an extra element of intensity and instruction. This will help members feel more confident and accomplished during performances, and will assist in improving the overall sound and quality of the choir’s music.

Voice coaching is not mandatory for members, but it is highly recommended and we request that you do them.

We understand that our voice coaches schedules may not match yours – if this is the case, please contact a Mayday Club administrator and let us know.
We also understand that online coaching doesn’t work for everyone. If this is the case for you, again, please let us know and we will help you sort something out.
Voice lessons are 30 minutes long and consist of:
  • vocal warm ups and exercises
  • practicing choir songs (Nicole (choir director) will assign songs to practice each week).
  • practicing solos in choir songs
  • practicing songs of your choice for fun and new tips
  • choosing a song for Christmas and Year End recitals and practicing for it.
  • chatting with voice coach about music, post-secondary music options, choir, your interests, anything!
Voice lesson students will have a recital in December and in June to showcase the songs that they have been working on with their coach during the year. All will be welcome to attend and watch!