Reasons to Dream Album

Pre-Orders Begin August 19th at 10:00am

Reasons to Dream is the second major album release by the Mayday Club Youth Choir. The nine-song album features choral renditions of popular and classic songs by the likes of Lady GagaOzzie Osborne, and Shakira. The album features the talents of soloists, rappers, beat-boxers, drummers, and pianists, all of whom are affected by various challenges in their daily lives. The songs are all centered around overcoming obstacles, having perseverance in the face of affliction, and rising above limitations.

Reasons to Dream is sponsored by Vince Renaud and the Bryan AdamsThe Warehouse Studio in Vancouver.

All proceeds will go to support Mayday Club, and their continued endeavors to spread awareness for inclusion throughout BC.

Hearts of the Voice Project

In a series of one-mimute videos, you will meet the voices of the incredible young people behind the Mayday Club Youth Choir’s newest album, Reasons to Dream.