Local Fraser Valley businesses host young people with social disabilities for mock job-interviews, to help them build skills to be successful in future employment opportunities.

Individuals with autism thrive on repetition, and the more habituated they are to a situation, they more likely they are to be successful. The program will allow youth to enter into local workplaces for monthly mock job-interviews.

Adults with ASD can make wonderful employees. Unfortunately, in BC, there is a 75% unemployment rate for adults with ASD who are capable of working. The lifetime societal cost for an unemployed adult is 3,200,000$ – the majority of the costs in adult funding, and lost productivity. 

A significant barrier to gaining meaningful employment for individuals with ASD, is the job-interview process. Autism is largely a social disability, and individuals affected by it may socialize and communicate in a non-typical way: they may fail to adequately comprehend questions asked of them in an interview, they may go into too much detail in their answer, etc.

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