Meet our incredible

Team of Creatives

nicole provost mayday club founder and self advocate speaking at a engagement event bc canada

Nicole Provost

Nicole is the visionary behind everything that Mayday Club is. Nicole founded the organization in 2015, because she believes in the power of neurodiversity and inclusion.

volunteer for mayday youth choir abbotsford

Adi Reitsma

Adi is our awesome administrative assistant, and singer in the choir! Adi has a beautiful voice and an amazing set of skills!

volunteer for mayday youth club graduation abbotsford

Trudy-Bridgette Smith

Trudy-Bridgette has been involved in the choir since before it even began! She has an amazing voice, and is a gifted make up artist!

volunteer drum line teacher for LGBTQ inclusive youth choir coquitlam

Dan Renaud

Dan has been around since the beginning of Mayday. He is our drum teacher, sound guy, and an amazing mentor to all involved.

volunteer and board member with neurodiverse mayday youth choir richmond

Tila Pelletier

Tila is the mom of one of our amazing singers, and volunteers as the board secretary. Tila is a Star Trek fan, and LOVES organizing data.

kevin and meredith pastoor volunteers with mayday youth neurodivergent inclusive club choir

Kevin and Meredith Pastoor

They are steadfast, reliable, and embody the heart and soul of what Mayday Club is all about.Β 

natalie fortin a volunteer and peer mentor for all inclusive mayday youth club choir

Natalie Fortin

Natalie is the type of person you meet once in a lifetime! She has passion, love, unconditional acceptance, and joy in abundance!

jenna provost co-founder and digital artist for mayday neurodiverse youth choir mission

Jenna Provost

Jenna has been working with Mayday Club longer than the choir has been around, and has been dedicated and invaluable since day one.

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