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June Provost Memorial Scholarship Fund


BC’s first competitive university scholarship for middle-school students with social and behavioural difficulties. 

Please see below for eligibility and nomination form.

Along with a diagnosis of a developmental disability, comes a certain degree of struggle surrounding school, and uncertainty for the future. Many families in BC struggle to advocate for their child, control problem behaviour, and ensure academic and social success. 

While these are endeavours are significant and important,  for most families, planning for post-secondary education for their behaviourally challenged middle-school student is not even on their mind. They are putting so much effort into fixing problems that they are faced with today, that planning for their child’s education in 4 – 6 years is not on their mind at all.

The purpose of the June Provost Memorial Scholarship, is to provide families with support and encouragement, in the knowledge that the province of British Columbia believes that their child is capable of overcoming any challenges that he or she is confronted with at the present moment, and is capable of becoming a functional member or the workforce one day.

We are confident that the families of the recipients of the June Provost Memorial Scholarship, will be given an extra boost of confidence that they might not otherwise get, and that they will use this as a source of comfort and solace, to help them push their child to be the best that they can be. We are confident that this scholarship will change the lives of the recipients and their families – putting light and certainty into the academic and career-based future of their child, giving them hope and confidence that they would not otherwise get, and that this belief and expectation placed on the child and their family, will guide them through the rest of their middle-school and high-school education.

Nominees must meet all of the following criteria:

  • Must be a British Columbia Resident
  • Must have a diagnosed developmental disability, chronic illness, physical disability, or mental health challenge (must be able to show documentation).
  • Must be enrolled in grade 6, 7, or 8

Funds for the scholarship will be generously provided by our community partners, sponsors, and donors. 

The recipient of the scholarship will have an account opened up at their financial institution, in their name. The scholarship funds will be placed into a savings account, that will only be accessible after the student’s high-school graduation. 

In order to maintain the scholarship, the student’s overall grade average must increase by at lease 2%, for the rest of their grade-school career. Note: Students and families may appeal this if necessary.

Nomination and Adjudication Process

To nominate a student, please fill out our online nomination form (coming soon). In the nomination, applicants must be able to demonstrate the need of the nominee, and describe how the scholarship will impact the nominee and his / her family.

Once the nominations close, all applications will be reviewed by a panel of judges, at arm’s length from any Mayday Club members, or nominees.

Successful nominees will be notified via email, and then listed on our page as successful recipients.

Recipients will be mailed a certificate and a medal, and have their name engraved on a plaque, which will have all winners displayed on it.

About June

June (Mary June Frost Provost) lived a life of selflessness. She was the beloved mother of four boys, and grandmother to five loving grandchildren. June was described as a “kind and gentle woman”, with a petite stature. She worked as a nurse at St-Mary’s Hospital in Quebec, where she always went above and beyond, often working additional hours and spending sleepless nights, to ensure the well-being of her patients. Later on in her career, June was a professor of nursing at McGill University in Montreal, where she gently and diligently mentored nursing students. 

June loved spending time with her grandchildren, helping them to see the world around them through empathetic and loving eyes. Among June’s other passions were painting, gardening, and the film ‘Snow White.’ We feel that this scholarship, to help push young people and their families to strive to succeed in academics and begin university planning, is a wonderful way to honour June’s memory and continue her work.