The nine-song album features covers of popular and classic songs by the likes of Lady Gaga, Ozzie Osbourne, and Shakira. The album features the talents of soloists, rappers, beat-boxers, drummers, and pianists, all of whom are affected by various challenges in their daily lives. The songs are all centered around overcoming obstacles, having perseverance in the face of affliction, and rising above limitations.

Director and Conductor: Nicole Provost
Producer: Vince Renaud
Engineer: Vince Renaud


© 2019

Special Thanks to Vince Renaud, Bryan Adams, and The Warehouse Studio in Vancouver.

This album was arranged, recorded, and published by young advocates for neurodiversity. Everyone in the choir is either affected by developmental differences, or loves somebody who is. The goal of the choir is to allow members to make friends, train in choral singing and hip-hop dancing, and to educate audiences all over the world about neurodiversity, and the importance of open-mindedness to those who are different.

Director and Conductor: Nicole Provost
Producer: Sergio Cocchia
Engineer: Andy Warren


© 2017

Special Thanks to Sergio Cocchia, Pacific Autism Family Network, and Warehouse Studios.

All proceeds from music sales go towards supporting the Mayday Club charity, and their continued efforts to spread awareness for inclusion throughout BC.