“Our Differences Make us Stronger”

We are the Mayday Club Youth Choir for Autism Advocacy, the world’s very first autism advocacy children’s performance crew. Everybody in our crew is between the ages of 5 and 30, and either has a diagnosed developmental condition, loves somebody who does, or would like to gain experience working and socializing with individuals with neuro-diversities. With the love and support of our community, we are releasing our first album, ‘Screaming Rainbows’. The album is intended to spread the happy, innocent voices of young people affected by autism and other neuro-diversities, as they join together in celebrating youth, life, friendship, and the power of music. It is our goal to spread our music far and wide, until everyone has heard our message of acceptance, hope, and love for everyone.

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MGMT Mayday Club Youth Choir

Walk for Autism Speaks 2016

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MayDay at Abbotsford <– Press here to see an excerpt of the crew’s epic performance! <3…

Thank you SO MUCH to Katie and the team at Chewie Media for this beautiful…

For all of those who are curious, here is a short compilation of video clips…

Please enjoy and share our official commercial for autism advocacy!