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Neurodiversity: Our New Name

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Hi Everyone! Thanks for the continued support. This message is to notify all of our followers that we will be changing the name of our organization from ‘Mayday Club Youth Choir for Autism Advocacy’ to ‘Mayday Club Youth Choir for Neurodiversity’. The reason for this is that we feel that this term better represents our group. We are a diverse group of young people, united by our passion for music and hip-hop culture.
The concept of neurodiversity is one that we would really like to spread – it stands for variation in the human brain and mind as a normal feature of the human species. Many of our members have autism, and also, many don’t. Many singers simply love the upbeat atmosphere, and consider the choir a place where they can be accepted for tho they are, despite any challenges they face in their own personal lives.
Thus, we are transitioning our society into it’s new name ‘Mayday Club Youth Choir for Neurodiversity’ because we are proud contributors to the neurodiversity movement, and rather than advocating exclusively for the inclusion of people with autism, we would like to acknowledge that EVERYONE deserves to fit in – including young people with autism, with mental health issues, with other various diagnoses, and those with no diagnosis at all. Everyone deserves to fit in – and we feel that our new name better acknowledges that!