Today, the dreams of 25 kids from Abbotsford came true, and the Mayday Club Youth Choir recorded their very first album, thanks to the generosity of the Crew Studios, and the amazing support of our Mayday Club admin team, and the diligence and bravery of the kids. Our team was up bright and early to travel to North Vancouver, for a recording studio session, courtesy of the Crew Studios. It was their first time in a recording studio – I will never forget the moment when our amazing technician Andy Warren turned on their headsets for the first time, and the kids screamed and laughed in delight at hearing their voices coming through the microphones. The smiles on their faces, and the light in their eyes as they sang today will forever be held in the hearts of those that were present at the studio. The feedback from the kids was that they ‘never in a million years thought that they would be singing in a real recording studio’, and yet here they were today! They said they felt like they were in a dream, and were professional singers, and that their next goal is to sing on America’s Got Talent!! We’ll have to see about that haha 🙂
I have had the privilege of watching this group of young people grow and thrive this year – they have improved so much since September, I am humbled and so so deeply happy to stand in front of them and conduct as they sing. I have watched them overcome so many challenges, these kids demonstrate unsurpassable courage each and every time they step into the practice room. The amount of trust, acceptance, and love that they have come to share with each other, with me, and with every individual who has had the fortune of watching them perform live is truly amazing.
Thank you Sergio, Wendy, Tia, Daniel, Angela, Tara, Lisa, Virginia, Sylvia, Tracey, Jenna, and all those who helped make this spectacular, magical day possible. We will be continuing to share information and photos outlining the incredible sponsorship that we received from Crew Studios, throughout the week

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